Our Downtown Windsor

Revitalizing Downtown Windsor: A New Vision Unveiled

Mayor Drew Dilkens, in collaboration with City Council, City Administration, Windsor Police Service, and the Downtown Windsor BIA, has proudly introduced the “Strengthen the Core – Downtown Windsor Revitalization Plan,” an ambitious initiative aimed at enhancing safety, bolstering business growth, attracting new residents and visitors, and making substantial improvements to the heart of our city.

In fall 2023, the city commissioned StrategyCorp consultants to lead a thorough consultation process. This included engaging with residents, business owners, service providers, and visitors to collect diverse perspectives on downtown’s challenges and opportunities. The consultation process involved in-depth interviews, focus groups, a large-scale community survey, and direct submissions, all aimed at shaping the revitalization efforts.

Feedback from these consultations highlighted concerns such as property damage, crime, limited foot traffic, and a perceived lack of safety, which in turn informed the development of targeted action items for downtown improvement.

Along with the feedback, and with strong economic indicators and proven momentum, Mayor Dilkens recognizes the ongoing need for improvement. Addressing safety, enhancing downtown vitality, and supporting those living with mental health and addictions are the priorities of Strengthen the Core, with one clear goal: to improve downtown Windsor without compromise to our community’s character and safety.

The plan is structured around strategic investments, fiscal responsibility, enhanced amenities, robust partnerships, innovative programs, and continuous evaluation. These elements are designed to position Windsor as an attractive and dynamic hub for investment and growth.

The “Safe Streets” initiative is the first strategic action under the new plan, and is aimed at supporting a visible and proactive police presence. This strategy includes increased patrols, community engagement, improved lighting, and the deployment of CCTV systems to mitigate issues like property damage, petty crime, and public drug use.

The Seven Proposed Action Items for Downtown Revitalization Include:


Safe Streets

Implementing a tailored, enforcement-focused strategy to enhance public safety.


High Standards

Rigorous enforcement of property standards and strategies to fill vacant buildings.


Healthy Spaces

Advocating for comprehensive government support programs for the vulnerable.



Incentivizing residential and business migration downtown through improved community improvement plans.


Vibrant District

Boosting downtown's appeal to attract residents and tourists alike.


Our Downtown

Driving community engagement and marketing strategies to celebrate downtown.


Stronger Together

Inviting and embracing collaborations among stakeholders to enhance downtown's development.

These initiatives are part of an ongoing effort to not only address immediate concerns but also to lay a foundation for a thriving, safe, and engaging downtown Windsor. This comprehensive approach ensures that our downtown will not only survive – it will thrive.