Our Downtown Windsor

Video Testimonials

Jim Crichton, Retired Senior News Anchor

Robert Franz, Music Director & Patti Lauzon, Executive Director, WSO

Mike Horrobin, Vice President & CFO, Tepperman’s

Sheila Wisdom, Former Member, Windsor City Council

Steve Green, Owner, Steve Green Foods

Cheslea Zammit, Owner, Kings Bake Shop

Jennifer Matotek, Executive Director, AWE

Steve Thomson, Owner, Dynamic Displays

Paul Twigg, Former Owner, Lazares & CO

Veronica Mandal, Coordinator of Journalism & Media Convergence, St. Clair College

Lisa Williams, Radio Host, AM800

Misty Adams, Owner, The Gifting Tree

Dr. Vincent Georgie, Executive Director & Chief Programmer, WIFF

Vicky Smith, Franchisee, Downtown Tim Hortons

Olivia Holt, Assistant Manager, Maiden Lane Wine & Spirits